cma1 EDITEDThe Cromwell Merchants Association (CMA) represents the Historic town of Cromwell and the merchants who have chosen to make Main Street and the surrounding environments their place of business. Through ongoing public events and regular meetings (open to the public), the CMA’s goal is to increase awareness, visibility and viability of one of Connecticut’s oldest and finest regions, to affirm for our friends and neighbors, and all others looking to make this their home, that Cromwell is a great place to work, to live, to prosper. The Cromwell Merchants Association sponsors events each year.

Memorial Day Car Show

Halloween on Main St

Cromwell Town Wide Tag Sale


Volunteer opportunities available for pre-event help, day of event needs, and follow up help. Please consider how you can give your time.


For every purpose and occasion, charity is the perfect gift. Donate today as your local community in working effortlessly to setup a free event for adults and children of all ages. It’s a thoughtful gift that this local community is sure to appreciate.


For years, Cromwell’s Downtown Merchant events have been supported by local business and volunteers. Mostly, they have raised money to provide free events to the community. If you own or work for a company that would like to sponsor an event that could possibly increase fundraising and create a wall of support for local and neearby communties, we would love to hear from you!!